Angas Financial Services is a division of Angas Securities Limited.

Angas Securities offers its investors fixed interest, fixed term securities at a competitive rate that maximises the return on investor funds. Fixed interest securities are issued via a prospectus under the terms of a Trust Deed, with The Trust Company (Nominees) Limited acting as trustee. Repayment of all investments and accrued interest is secured by a first ranking security interest over all of the assets and undertaking of Angas Securities. The trustee holds the security interest for the benefit of investors.

Angas Securities’ assets include first ranking mortgages held over land and other permitted investments.

Angas Securities’ fixed interest securities are NSX listed and Standard & Poor’s rated. An investment with Angas Securities is for a fixed term with a fixed rate of interest on a fixed principal amount.

Investing in listed fixed interest securities provides a reliable income with a fixed rate of return. If you would like more information or would like to discuss your investment options, please contact our Investor Relations staff on 1800 010 800 or click here to take you to the Angas Securities website for a copy of the latest prospectus or to view the current Interest Rates on offer